Total Access MD Family Coverage

In this video, you will get a better understanding of the variety of family coverage plans

Total Access MD has to offer.

The Uninsured
Health Care
Business Solutions

Total Access MD has a solution for your employees health needs.

We can provide a low cost care for your employees that can be accessed whenever and where ever they are. Also Total Access MD can provide occupational health needs for your small or large business. We can provide vaccines, complete physical assessment and treat urgent need injuries from your site. Employees can also access our weight loss and wellness programs on an exclusive member discount program.

Keeping your employees healthy will keep your Business healthy!

Businesses we work with

  • Industrial

  • Offshore Oil refineries

  • Correctional facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Universities

  • Staffing Agencies

  • Fitness Gyms

  • And etc.


We offer customized need for every business.

The Average Cost

of Small Business Health Insurance

KFF reported that the average employer-sponsored health insurance premium was $6,435 for single coverage and $18,142 for families (per year). The good news for small businesses is that the average cost for family coverage was actually lower than in large firms, coming in at $17,546.


     Likewise on average, employers with group health insurance pay about $521 per employee per month for single coverage and $1,462 per employee enrolled in family coverage.


       This of course is the full cost of premiums and does not account for any kind of employee contribution — which is a common practice that most employees have grown to expect.

Total Access MD Solutions

for Individuals and Family

With Total Access MD membership plan you can secure and have peace of mind for your family at a price that is way less than the average premium that you

pay for your insurance.

Our membership plans also offer discounts for treatments and wellness programs at our medical site clinic. Total Access MD is not only mobile thru your phone but we have medical sites that you can come in to get the best care that you need.




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