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Family Medicine

Here at Total Access MD, we are committed to providing the personalised quality health care you deserve for the entire family. Clinica Hispana Pasadena in Pasadena, Tx is our primary care facility that provides individuals of all ages with compassionate, quality health care. Be sure to contact the office of Clinica Hispana Pasadena if you are seeking an experienced team dedicated to your family's complete well-being.

Family Medicine FAQ

What is a Family Practice Doctor?

Family doctors are one of the most important and valuable health care professionals in your family's health care. Family medicine doctors are experts in providing comprehensive and continuing care. They are generalists and work with people of all ages, including newborns, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

They undergo years of training and are able to treat almost any health conditions across all age groups. Family physicians are also well aware of  conditions that require the input from other specialists and in those situations they refer you to one of these specialists.

The expert team at Clinica Hispana Pasadena, Tx serve as family doctors for patients in the Pasadena, Texas region.

What services does a family medicine doctor offer?

Total Access MD is a Family Clinic chain. Our first location is Clinica Hispana Pasadena at the heart of Pasadena Texas, and we offer a full range of family services.

  • Complete Physical Examination (for workplace)

  • Regular Check-ups

  • Vaccinations (MMR, DPT, Meningitis Vaccine, Hep B vaccine,Tetanus Toxoid, Varicella, Flu vaccine, TB testing etc.)

  • Student Physical Exam for Schools

  • Laboratory Services (CBC, BMP, HgbA1C, CMP, Thyroid Panel, Testosterone Level and Etc.)

  • Radiology Services (X-ray, CT-scan, MRI, Ultrasound)

  • Sterile Ear Piercing for Kids and Adults

  • Advanced Weight Loss program (Phentermine available for qualified patients)

  • Employment Drug Screens

  • Personal Injury Therapy

  • Natural Pain Management

  • Women health (Mammograms, Pap Smear)

  • Men's Health (Prostate exam, Testosterone Check and Testosterone shots)

  • Chronic Care:

    • Diabetes Management

    • Hypertension Management

    • Asthma and COPD

    • High Cholesterol

    • Heart Conditions

    • Skin Conditions

  • Acute Conditions

    • Common Colds 

    • Flu

    • Allergies

    • Rashes and other skin conditions

  • Injuries and Wounds

    • Wound Care

    • Minor Suturing and Suture removal

  • Erectile Dysfunction Management

  • IV therapy and Vitamin Infusions

  • Rapid COVID testing

  • Anxiety and Depression Management

We strive to maximise patient convenience and we also offer telemedicine appointments

What should I expect at a Family Doctor Appointment?

At Total Access MD family clinics, we work as a team, addressing your health as a whole to ensure continuity of care. 

Your doctor reviews your chart and then spends time discussing your medical history and what happened at your last visit, your health concerns. The doctor may then examine you to see if there have been any changes since then. After the examination the doctor will discuss the results of their examination and also discuss the next course of action, and provide treatments and recommendations. Depending on the situation, the physician might also order lab tests or X-rays to get more information. And if needed we will also schedule a follow-up appointment.


At Total Access MD, we take pride in providing your family with comprehensive and personalised care. If you are near or around Pasadena, Tx then visit our clinic - Clinica Hispana Pasadena or book an appointment by calling us or via our website.

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